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Greedy Goblins emerge as the best slot of 2015 at Bovada

Bovada land-based casinos are not too happy when a player wins a large amount, because they feel like they been stripped of some of their profits. Granted logothe house edge is in place to protect them in the long run, it is always frustrating for them to see how money is going down the drain.

Over the Internet however, casinos are more likely to celebrate together with the winner and this is the case with Bovada who announced the most recent jackpot winner.

A player who goes by the name of Alexander won a significant amount playing Greedy Goblins, which is very convenient. This is actually the slot of the year at this online casino, by far the most popular one among those who cherish progressive jackpots. Players have the option of wagering just a few dollars and still qualify for the first prize amount, which frequently crosses the psychological threshold of $100,000.

The game is exciting and very easy to play, so you don’t need any previous experience to have exactly the same chances as savvy players. The latest winner is an American, which means a great deal for Bovada, as the casino is doing everything it can still tap into the immense potential of this market. For the time being, prohibitive legislation prevents the casino to operate in all 50 American states, but this could change a not so distant future.

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It is always refreshing to hear that an American has won a lot of money playing again he appreciates and gives hopes to all those who reside in states where gambling is still illegal. This is not the first time that the lucky player won a lot of money here, in fact he struck it rich several times before.

It might sound a bit strange for the same player to win on multiple occasions, but this is perfectly possible when you dedicated a lot of time to these gambling activity.

Bovada is happy to share the good news with all the players, but the refrain from disclosing sensitive or private information about the winner. On the other hand, you will be able to learn everything you want about the Greedy Goblins on the website, as this is their best-selling slot machine.