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Winner Casino introduces the Refer a Friend program

One of the reasons for why land-based Winner casino have been so popular for such a long period of time is thatwinner they brought together players from all backgrounds. Winning is the ultimate goal, but having fun and interacting with fellow players on multiple levels is a solid argument in Winner casino favor of gambling.

The transition to online casino stripped players of this opportunity, but Winner Casino is committed to re-creating the communities.

The high quality of service and the generous collection of games are two solid arguments in favor of bringing your friends here, but the online gambling group has an additional incentive.

All those who refer their friends will receive a bonus of €50 and the same amount can be collected by the one who joins as a result of accepting the invitation. The only requirement is for the friend to make the minimum deposit and meet the basic wagering requirements, for both of them to cash in.

The member who issues the invitation and the new player will need to have a real money account, so they can deposit, play and withdraw funds.

This is where the bonuses will be credited, with the entire process being completed in just three simple steps. Downloading and launching the Winner Casino software application is the first one, followed by a click on the "Refer a Friend" button, which will result in the chosen players receiving an invitation email.

Speaking of which, those who are very popular and have up to three friends willing to join the online casino, can invite them all with just one click. The friends will receive the email and as soon as they deposit the minimum amount, the bonuses will be paid and both recipients can use the money right away. The more friends one invites, the more money he or she will collect, so it makes perfect sense to work on your social skills.

The press release says very little about the additional requirements that the eligible players need to match, so it is worth detailing them here. In addition to depositing and wagering at least €50, both the member and the friend needs to spin the bonus at least 25 times on the selected games.

These run on desktop computers as well as mobile devices and it is also possible to play in browser, if you are not a big fan of downloading content on your computer.

More information about Winner casino : http://casino.winner.com/